King Sales NW has been serving the Plumbing, Waterworks, & Irrigation Markets in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in taking care of customer needs with some of the best brands on the market, such as:
    GPK Products- Quality PVC Fittings
    Indiana Seal- Rubber Couplings for Multiple Pipe Types
    Legend Valve- Plumbing- Industrial & Commercial, Hydronics
    Elkhart - Copper Press, Push & Solder fittings
    Turbo Torch- Welding & Soldiering
    Oetiker- PEX Tools & Clamps
    T-Christy's- Solvents, Sealants, & Job Site Essentials
    Lansas- Inflatable & Mechanical Pipe Plugs
    Centennial Plastics- Potable, Irrigation, & HDPE Pipe
    Bwm Company- Casing Spacers & Pipe Seals
    Centoco- Quality USA Made Toilet Seats
    Jb Products- A Leading Supplier of Innovative Plumbing Products
    Proline Tape- Detectable & Non-Detectable Marking Tape
    Total Piping Solutions (TPS)- Pipe Tapping, Repair & Joining.
    Seymour Paint- Flourescent & Non-Flourescent Marking Paint
    Niagara- Water saving, high efficiency toilets
    Lasco Fittings- PVC & CPVC plastic pipe fittings
Legend Valve - HyperPure Pipe
Niagara Conservation
Centoco- Centocore Toilet Seat


Lansas Manhole Testing
TPS - Tripple Tap Tapping Sleeve